Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests

Drug Tests & CBD Explained

There are many questions surrounding CBD and the concern that drug tests may pick up traces of marijuana when using CBD. This article will touch on the subject and explain the differences between THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) and how drug tests work with respect to screening for the two types of cannabinoids. It’s important to know that circumstances can vary when purchasing CBD from retailers that are not credible. Some CBD products contain THC when the CBD is not processed correctly or not done with a scientific laboratory environment.

With that being said, if you purchase your CBD from then you will be in good hands. None of our products are labeled incorrectly, the information found on our labels are accurate and there is at most .3% of THC in any of our CBD products.

CBD Is New Compared to Most Supplements

CBD is very new to the health supplement industry compared to many other well-known supplements and that leaves us with a lot of uncertainty. Whether you’re eating CBD edibles or vaping CBD oils, its important to know a little bit about the history of CBD and what it’s going to do to you if you start to consume it. For that reason, we encourage our customers to stay in touch with us via Social Media to get updated on future knowledge articles and blow posts that share knowledge about CBD. The more you know about CBD the better, especially since its something that you’re consuming with your body. CBD has become very popular in the last few years ever since CNN covered a story in which a young girl who suffered from terrible epileptic seizures started taking CBD and immediately showed a drastic reduction in the number of seizures she would experience on a daily basis. Aside from being known to help with specific conditions like epileptic seizures, CBD is also known very reducing stress and anxiety along with pain that is caused from general muscle strain, arthritis or inflammation.

Since CBD comes from the Marijuana plant, many people fear that they will show up positive for Marijuana use. Many of own customers often ask us if they’re safe when it comes to be being drug tested for Marijuana use. Whether you’re being randomly tested or taking routine drug tests every few months, it’s important to know what you’re taking and how it can affect the results of any future drug tests that you may take. It’s our goal to provide assurance to our customers (and prospective customers) who want to take CBD products with confidence knowing they won’t jeopardize their job by failing a random drug test for Marijuana use.

Do Drug Tests Check For CBD?

Drug screens do mistakenly get false positive results for THC because CBD is present. The two cannabinoids are different although they come from the same plant. Drug tests that screen for Marijuana specifically test for the active psychoactive ingredient known as THC which is what gets you high. THC is a cannabinoid just like CBD however CBD is not psychoactive and will not get you high. There are over 113 different cannabinoids and our body even produces them naturally via the endocannabinoids system.

Unless you’re taking a very specific type of blood test that checks your natural cannabinoid levels, then you’re not going to come up with a positive result for THC when you only use and consume CBD.

Is It Possible To Fail a Drug Test on CBD?

In some circumstances, if you purchase CBD from a retailer that has a batch that contains THC in it when it’s not supposed to, you might end up having traceable amounts of THC enter your blood stream. This is possible, especially if you buy from a company that is not trusted or that does not provide some sort of lab report or certificate of analysis for their product. When you purchase from you’re purchasing from a trusted retailer with a great online reputation for having high quality CBD products. All of our products are accompanied by a certificate of analysis that will authenticate our claims.

Some CBD products are pure cannabidiol oil while others contain a much wider spectrum of cannabinoids. For example, our isolate CBD products are pure CBD and do not contain any other cannabinoids. Full spectrum CBD on the other hand contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids that are present in the marijuana plant during the extraction process. It’s very important to understand the difference between full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate, for that reason we encourage you to read our article that explains the difference in great detail.

Our products are labeled very specifically as CBD isolate products or full spectrum extract. The full spectrum CBD products that we carry are labeled with warnings that say less than .3% THC. You will not find products that contain more than .3% THC when you purchase products from our store.

Shop With Confidence & Enjoy CBD Without Worrying

Shopping at provides you with the peace of mind that you need to enjoy the benefits of CBD without worrying about failing an up coming drug test for your job or for any reason. Many customers are subject to routine drug tests and others are simply taking a drug test for the first time to try and get a job that they really want. Whatever the case may be for you, we want you to feel assured about the fact that our CBD isolate products are genuinely THC-free and that our full-spectrum products are only going to contain at most .3% THC in any given product.

Enjoy our CBD oil orally, or you can use an oil vape pen!

Should you have any additional questions about THC and CBD with hot it relates to drug screening, please do not hesitate to call or chat with us so that we can help answer your questions right away. Our goal is to let everyone know that it is ok to use CBD when being tested for Marijuana.

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