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Thank you for choosing to visit our website, here you will learn more about our company, culture and mission as a CBD retailer. If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable source for CBD products, knowledge and information then you’re in the right place. For those of your who are new to CBD, CBD is a compound that is found in the Hemp and Cannabis plant. It is not psychoactive and is perfectly safe to take for humans. It’s known to be a very effective health supplement and helps to reduce many common ailments ranging from stress, anxiety, arthritis, sleep problems and pain.

Here CBDGoldline.com we have the widest variety of CBD products that can be consumed in a variety of ways including gummy edibles, vapeable oils, sub-lingual oils, topical creams, capsules, bath bombs and we even offer CBD treats for pets. Our products are safe, all-natural and unadulterated. Visit our online store to buy CBD products or to learn about the CBD world by reading our blog.
Although our CBD comes from the Hemp and Marijuana plant, there are only trace levels of THC (less than .03%) so it will not get you high or cause you to fail a drug test. It’s very important that customers who are shopping online for CBD take the time to research the company they’re considering buying from to avoid getting products that are not pure. There are some shady CBD dealers out there that don’t use professional extraction processes which can lead to higher level of THC in their product. With us, that is not the case. Our CBD products are legal in all states and perfectly safe to use even if you’ve never tried CBD before. We carry low-concentration CBD products for beginners and highly concentrated CBD products for those that consider themselves to be “CBD Veterans”.

What Makes CBD Goldline Unique?

If you’re visiting our website or considering buying a product from us for the first time, then there are a few things you should know about us. First, it’s important to know that CBD Goldline is the parent company of Vape Honey Stick – one of the most successful vape retailers with a huge following on social media. Our staff and founders are huge advocates of the Cannabis community and have decades of knowledge when it comes to CBD. We create tons of video content for our customers and also update our blog with really interesting topics related to CBD on a regular basis. Additionally, here at CBD Goldine takes we take great pride in being at the forefront of the hemp wellness industry by offering the best products at the best prices. We have one of the wide selections and stock the most innovative CBD products on our website for sale to the public. Our products are made with the purest forms of Cannibidoil extracts and sourced from some of the most reputable hemp farms in the nation. Our company staff has over 30 years of combined experience with CBD products and vape technology.

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The Story Behind CBD Goldline

CBD GoldLine.com is owned and operated by VPR Brands. VPR Brands(VPRB) is a publicly traded company.
Originally, the staff here at CBD GoldLine started off as a E-juice company in South Florida. To this day, staff members here at CBD Goldline are operating a company that deals with many CBD products including extracts, vaporizer products and more. Our staff members are all very happy to work with our team of ambitious cannabis experts that truly want to make a difference in the CBD community. We do this by sharing knowledge and providing safe CBD oils to consumers that are looking for a trusted retailer both online and in person.
Since the start of the company, we’ve gone through leaps and bounds to become one of the largest retailers of CBD products in Florida. Our relationship with Hemp farmers allows us to source all-natural Cannabidoil oil at the lowest price possible. Instead of dealing with a middle man, that gets CBD from another retailer, work with a dealer like us that goes straight to the source. Not only will you save money when shopping with us, you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that you’re getting pure and all-natural products. Our CBD products never contain more than .03% THC to abide by the FDA regulations. We also carry lab reports and certificates of analysis for our products to provide complete transparency with our customers. Feel free to visit the lab reports section of our website (by clicking here) to view a long list of reports that validate any claims about our products.
If you search on Google or Facebook, you’ll find that we have an excellent 5-star rating due to our customer service and quality of products. When you purchase a product from us, you end up being a part of the Goldline family. Unlike other companies, we don’t just offer a great sales experience and then slack on the customer service side. We will be there to help you long after you purchase your product in the event that you need customer service.

Why Shop at CBD Goldline

Since we first started operations, our mission has been to become a central source for CBD knowledge and products. If you visit our Youtube channel or Facebook page you will see that we have a loyal fan base that loves to shop with us because of our high quality products and customer service. Not only that, but we also have Our blog is constantly being updated with topics that are related to the CBD community to help potential customers and followers get education about CBD.
By following us on social media, you’ll stay up to date and informed about new product releases, events, give-aways, promotions and more. You can also join our newsletter to get updates via email when we have sales, promotions and new product releases too. As we grow, we will work hard to provide a wider selection of products and even better pricing when possible.

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