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The CBD crumble is an extremely effective way to get this natural supplement, even compared to some other ways of taking CBD. Vapor delivers CBD into your bloodstream more quickly and produces almost immediate effects. Additionally, you can expect these vape concentrates to have a higher level of bioavailability.


How to Find Good CBD Crumble Concentrate

To find the best CBD crumble, shop with a trusted vendor that gets their products tested by third parties in independent labs. The best concentrates will be extracted to deliver full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum CBD is a better option for many people because it includes other organic compounds from the plant. Terpenes and other natural cannabinoids will help give premium CBD crumble a fuller taste and smell, and they can actually enhance the effect of CBD as well. The way these cannabinoids work in synergy is called the Entourage Effect, and it’s the reason some strains have different effects even with the same levels of CBD. We extract our full spectrum CBD crumble to have a full terpene profile in addition to high levels of cannabidiol. Our CBD GoldLine crumble comes in varying strengths to accommodate your desired dose. One gram of concentrate can be packed full of so many CBD crystals that it contains 500 mg of cannabidiol.

What Do I Need for CBD Crumble Dabs?

Your options for CBD crumble are similar to the choices you have for other vape pens. You can either get the CBD to crumble wax and put it in a reusable wax pen or get a disposable CBD dab pen. If you already have a dab rig or dab pen that can handle wax, all you need is the crumble itself.

How Is CBD Crumble Made?

CBD crumble is an extremely potent concentrate made by performing an extraction process on the hemp plant. Temperature and pressure help release all of the CBD and other cannabinoids like terpenes from the raw plant material. Since it’s made with hemp, there is no THC in our CBD crumble. People can use it safely and do not have to worry about failing a drug test. Once the cannabidiol has been extracted from the plant, it gets processed into crumble wax that’s perfect for dabbing.

Why Buy CBD Wax from GoldLine

Our CBD crumble wax is made using premium hemp plants and a state of the art extraction process. Each batch has been tested to ensure purity and potency, so you can count on CBD GoldLine for a consistent dose every time. Shop our full spectrum concentrates today, or contact us to learn more.