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CBD Bath Bombs

There’s rarely (if ever) a bad time or way to get take CBD. If you’re after deep relaxation, though, we highly recommend you try a long soak with a CBD bath bomb.

These bath bombs combine full spectrum CBD with other therapeutic essential oils to create a truly indulgent experience. Relax into a warm bath, and you’ll get a dose of topical CBD as you enjoy the water.

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CBD Bath Bomb Benefits

CBD gives additional effects to traditional bath bombs, especially because it works together with the Epsom salts and essential oils.

Epsom salt is believed to improve blood circulation in the skin as it removes toxins, and superior blood flow will help your body get even greater effects from the topical CBD oil.

Like all of our other products, our CBD bombs are made with natural hemp instead of cannabis, so they don’t contain the levels of THC you might expect to find in marijuana. These CBD infused bath bombs will not make you feel high or intoxicated in any way, and they will not cause you to fail a drug test.

Topical CBD can help some people get relief from aches, pains, and other muscle soreness, and it may be even more effective in a bath bomb.

Since you’re soaking in it along with Epsom salts, some people feel that more cannabidiols is able to penetrate their skin when they use CBD bath bombs instead of other topicals. As an added benefit, your skin will feel absolutely fantastic when you get out of the tub.

GoldLine CBD Bath Bomb Scents

Currently, we have five different bath bomb scents. They’re all great, so don’t hesitate to get a variety pack and experience them all:

  • Eucalyptus CBD Bath Bomb – Breathe Easy
  • Grapefruit CBD Bath Bomb– Creativity
  • Lavender CBD Bath Bomb – Serenity
  • Lemongrass CBD Bath Bomb – Confidence
  • Peppermint CBD Bath Bomb – Balance

How to Find the Best CBD Bath Bombs

When choosing a bath bomb make sure you get one with the complete benefits of full spectrum CBD. Some of the cheap options use a type of CBD isolate that doesn’t fully absorb into the skin, so it will never get into your body. With those types of bath bombs, you’re literally just flushing CBD down the drain.

When you find reliable full spectrum CBD bath bombs from us, you can count on premium ingredients. In addition to CBD hemp oil, our bath bombs are infused with high-quality essential oils to add to the effects. You’ll be able to tell the difference when you feel how soft your skin is.

CBD Bath Bombs for Sale

We voluntarily go above and beyond current regulations to have our products tested and independent labs. Thanks to our commitment to quality, our customers have said that these are the best CBD bath bombs on the market. Once you try one, you might want to stock up with 100 bath bombs or even 1,000 bath bombs.

For now, though, we sell them in quantities of one or five. Choose any of our flavors, or get a variety pack, and prepare to have an unbelievably relaxing soak. We stand behind these CBD bombs, so as always if you’re not completely satisfied with one of our products, we’ll provide a refund. Contact us if you have any questions, or shop our selection to experience the effects of topical CBD for yourself.