Amazon Hemp Oil is not CBD Oil – Don’t be Fooled!

If you’re wondering if you “can I buy CBD gummies from Amazon”, then you’re in the right place. The short answer is a resounding “No” because CBD is actually a prohibited product that cannot be sold on Many people assume you can buy CBD from Amazon since they sell almost everything ranging from food products to computers and more. CBD is one of the most popularly used herbal health supplements in the country right now because of its many healing abilities.

Gummies happen to be one of the most popular edible forms that CBD comes in, probably because growing up a lot of people had gummy bears as kids. CBD gummies not only provide a ton of health benefits, they also offer a feeling of nostalgia for many. Ranging from working as a sleep aid to treating pains, stress and anxiety, shortly after the 2014 Farm Bill being passed, Cannabidiol (aka CBD) become legal to sell on a federal level. This made it legal for retailers online to sell CBD oil and sparked the retail boom that we’re experiencing now. CBD is widely used by many athletes, seniors, adults and even pets. Since CBD is so widely found in almost every health food and supplement store locally, its no surprise that many people are turning to Amazon in search of CBD. The issue with this concept is that Amazon prohibits the sale of CBD on their website, so what you’re actually buying from Amazon is not CBD at all…

Amazon Strictly Prohibits the Sale of CBD!

Although Amazon is known for being the go-to for buying things online and getting them shipped to your home quickly, they don’t actually sell EVERYTHING. There are many products that Amazon doesn’t not list for sale and you can see a list of these prohibited products right on their website. CBD and other CBD related products are strictly prohibited… The real confusing part is that if you search for CBD on Amazon, a ton of products show up that are labeled with the phrase “hemp oil” which is very misleading. Sellers who are hungry for profit and willing to do anything to increase sales are using deceptive tactics to get their products to appear for CBD search keywords on Amazon. What they’re selling isn’t CBD, its actually just a hemp oil and not even close to what we offer for sale in terms of quality. Consumers that are not educated on CBD labeling and how to tell if a CBD product is genuine need to be made aware of this Amazon pitfall. Many customers are purchasing these products expecting to get a quality CBD oil or gummy and instead they’re getting something completely different.

Hemp Oil is not CBD Oil – Don’t be Fooled!

When searching for CBD gummies on Amazon, you will get a ton of results that all say the same thing. All of the so called “Amazon CBD gummies” are actually hemp oil gummies – hemp oil infused Gummies are not the same as CBD infused gummies at all! Amazon’s search feature relies on an algorithm that can be manipulated by clever marketers that know how to exploit search engine vulnerabilities that lead to high traffic and sales.

Many people who have purchased these hemp oil gummies on Amazon leave bad reviews about their purchase because they thought they were getting CBD gummies. Upon receiving their order, they come to find out that the gummies they order contain no CBD (it even says it on the label). This can be a very disheartening situation, especially if you’re intending on using CBD to help with pains that you’re suffering from. The last thing any one wants it to go through a bait and switch by ordering hemp gummies that contain zero CBD. Be careful when searching for CBD gummies for sale on Amazon as they do not actually sell CBD.
Why Does Amazon List Hemp Gummies as CBD Gummies?
The real reason why Amazon is showing hemp gummies when you search for CBD gummies for sale on Amazon is because of their algorithm. Just like many search engines, keywords can be used with similar keywords to yield results that are relevant but not exactly the same as the search term being used. This can be helpful in many cases but in this case, it is actually causing a lot of disservice to Amazon’s customers.
The good news is that if you ordered hemp gummies thinking you were going to get CBD gummies from Amazon, you can probably return them and get a full refund. This is one of the great things about Amazon. We encourage you to shop carefully when buying CBD gummies or other CBD wellness products online as it is easily to get taken advantage of. Since CBD is still so knew there lacks a lot of regulation and enforcement of the few regulations in place by the FDA. For example, the FDA requires that all CBD products for sale contain less than .03% THC in order to be legally sold. Many retailers like are taking the steps necessary to ensure that their CBD products are containing less than .03% to ensure that their products are safe. When you purchase CBD gummies from other retailers that are not following protocol, then you’re at risk of taking CBD with higher levels of THC which can cause you to fail a drug test and experience psychoactive effects. Our CBD is professionally processed and comes with a certificate of analysis that validates our claims of our products being all natural and containing less than .03% THC. This means you won’t fail a drug test or experience any psychoactive effects when taking our products.
If you find yourself searching for Amazon CBD gummies, instead, you should consider our wide variety of CBD gummies for sale right on our website. We carry the highest grade CBD gummies that are all natural. Our Gummies infused with pure CBD allow you to find relief from pain, stress, anxiety and much more.

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