According to Data From Google, CBD is More Popular Than Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Veganism

Unless you live under a rock, you might notice that CBD is readily available almost everywhere now. In fact, you can probably find CBD locally by simply going to a health food store or even neighborhood food mart. CBD is available in a variety of forms ranging from edibles, vape-able products, bath bombs and even topical pain creams. With that being said, the popularity of CBD is becoming so great that it’s surpassing the popularity of some people and things that many never thought would be possible.

In recent times, there weren’t many people or things as popular as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Veganism. But times have changed! CBD is now on the rise as one of the most popular search terms according to Google Search Data. Since the beginning of 2018, CBD has been taking the lead in regards to popularity by search volume which can be researched using a tool called Google Trends. Google Trends allows you to pull historical search volume data based on keywords that you enter. If we enter 3 keywords, “Kim Kardashian”, “Beyonce” and “CBD” we find that there is some interesting data on the linear graph indicating that CBD is a wildly more popular search term compared to some of the most iconic women in America today.

Data in the chart above indicates that search popularity for CBD (indicated by the blue line in the graph) is about 5.5 times more popular than Kim Kardashian (red line) and Beyonce (yellow

line). To many, this can come as a big surprise, but to the staff here at we knew it was coming! CBD is on the rise as one of the most globally searched keywords with very good reason.

Why is CBD So Popular?

Speculating as to why CBD is so popular is not what this article is intended for, instead, we are presenting you with information that can lead you to your own conclusion about the popularity of CBD. First, we must consider the fact that the large hemp and cannabis community is almost entirely supportive of CBD in general. With that being said, according to a new poll, about 52% of American either smoke pot or at one point have tried smoking pot. That’s a huge portion of the American population to add to the level of popularity that CBD has.

In addition to the billions of Americans that have tried using cannabis at some point, there are many other health enthusiasts out there looking to try the next most popular health supplement. The health supplement industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. In the health supplement community, there are likely billions of people looking to explore new supplements such as CBD, especially when there are millions and millions of dollars being put into advertising CBD products and even mainstream media publishers constantly releasing articles about the benefits of CBD. Let’s consider the example – CNN released an article in 2014 related to the young girl who was suffering tremendously from Epileptic Seizures. An article was released that went on to explain how a cannabis derived product with CBD was used to greatly reduce the number of awful seizures the young girls was experiencing on a day to day basis. This was an article that acted as a domino effect for CBD related articles being published by main-stream media companies like CNN. Today, you can find new articles on a weekly if not daily basis being released regarding the cannabis community and CBD. Don’t believe us? Just try Googling “CBD” and sort the results that are from the last week or 24 hours using Google’s search tools to see for yourself!

What is The FDA’s Outlook on CBD?

As a result of the growing popularity of CBD users and research, the FDA has taken notice of the public interest in CBD as a potentially beneficial health product. Since its still relatively new, the FDA has taken on the responsibility to investigate CBD to decide whether or not it is safe and how to create standards that will keep Americans safe when consuming CBD products.

Because CBD comes from the Hemp or Marijuana plant, there are still some issues on a federal level that create a level of uncertainty for many retailers. It wasn’t long ago that the FDA would

not allow any CBD products to be sold legally. Today, that is not the case. On a national level, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (Farm Bill) redacted cannabis and cannabis derivatives that contain less than .03% THC from being defined as marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

One of the most groundbreaking stories that you can find online about CBD is that recently the FDA has been taking notice of the positive effects of CBD. A. The drug that was approved is known as Epidiolex, which has a purified form of CBD and it is used to treat patients that are 2 years of age and older that have seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome.

The Future of CBD

While the trend in popularity is certainly sky rocketing according to data trends, behind the scenes research is also growing in popularity. For this reason, we believe that CBD is just scratching the surface with regards to how popular it will become in the foreseeable future. In the short amount of time that we have been researching CBD, there have been so many promising discoveries that are ground-breaking. With more time and research we believe that there are going to be even more breakthroughs and even more FDA approved CBD products to come. The “Green Rush” has a long future ahead of it and CBD is one of the biggest sub-categories within the Cannabis business. With that being said, CBDGoldline is proud to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting edge products and CBD-derrived products that are safe and all-natural.

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