When Does CBD Expire?

Shelf Life of CBD Products

A popular trend in health supplements is CBD based products; there are many reviews from individuals praising CBD for reducing the effects of many serious and common ailments. CBD comes in multiple forms to make it easier to digest, for example, capsules, oil, and gummies. The products are not always the cheapest to purchase and for that reason, customers are have the desire to know if and when CBD products expire.

When purchasing, it is helpful to keep the product as fresh as possible to retain the benefits of the nutritional value. Many people including our own customers have questions about CBD products. Some of those questions include: does CBD oil expire? How long does CBD oil last? Is there a shelf life of CBD oil? We are here to inform the customer about CBD oil, the expiration of CBD formulations, and tips for storing to keep at the best quality.

What is CBD?

The popularity of CBD has made people wonder what exactly it is considering the association with hemp and marijuana, which has given it a bad reputation. CBD is known as cannabidiol, a composite found in the hemp and cannabis plant and is extracted. However, most CBD products come from the hemp plant because there is much less level THC found in the hemp plant; in fact, .03% virtually none.

THC is the compound found in cannabis that can give an individual a high because it is psychoactive. Avid users of CBD proclaim it is a miracle cure for many ailments, for instance, pain relief, cancer, acne, brain health, and seizures. Since the rise of medical purpose CBD products, many individuals are viewing CBD in a different way than previous generations. The new viewpoint has contributed to the changing of laws in many U.S. states. These changes have allowed the production of CBD, resulting in manufactures to be creative to help individuals digest the ingredient, such as tinctures, topicals, oil, edibles, wax, capsules. Not only is CBD loved by humans, but animals have reaped the benefits. Pet owners give their pet CBD oil for their pain and diseases; there are even pet treats available like Gold Line’s CBD dog treat line. Six weeks would be the shelf life for most open pet CBD treats, but unopened they last around nine months.

How Long Does it Take For CBD to Expire?

Many people worry about the expiration of their CBD purchase; like any other natural substance, CBD oil does expire because of oxidation. It does not become harmful, but it loses the nutrients or develops a terrible rancid smell. This process means loss of nutritional benefits and the cannabinoid’s breakdown. Weakening is something to avoid. CBD oil has an expiration of 2 years after manufactured, but after opening the oil usually last from 6 months to a year for the shelf life. If one takes the supplement on a pretty regular basis, the product will probably not

disintegrate as quickly as someone who does not take it regularly. If CBD does become defective, the signs to look for color changes and textures. It will change to a foggy look and should not be used; discarding for safety purposes is best.

CBD oil usually contains just that ingredient, but other CBD products may have a different shelf life like creams and lotions, and pain-relieving creams usually have a shelf life anywhere from 9 years from manufacturing date to 2 years after opening. It is ideal for checking on the website that the item was purchased from to get the best shelf life.

There are many creative ways of getting CBD oil into the body’s system with not just oil or capsules. Edible items such as honey sticks and gummies are some best sellers for manufactures. However, buying gummies or any edible food containing CBD oil, it is necessary to make sure that the company is not adding unnecessary additives. Research the company to make sure the ingredients are 100% natural. Honey sticks are convenient ways of sweetening teas or other beverages, while most honey jars have expiration dates on them. There has been research that suggests honey never expires. However, honey sticks usually have a one-year shelf life. We sell them in a five-pack or a one hundred pack/.

Probably the most popular way of taking supplements in any health supplement today is the gummy form. Gummies, being a food product will have a shorter expiration date than other forms. Usually, there is an expiration date on the package. However, if that is missing, the safest guess would be 6 to 9 months after opening the product. The most popular CBD gummies sold on Gold Line are in the form of gummy bears. Capsules seem like the traditional way of taking supplements; their shelf life is usually one year after opening. A little advice do not store them or the oil in the refrigerator because that can shorten the shelf life.

How to Keep Your CBD from Going Bad

To help the consumer keep their purchases lasting longer, here are some tips for storing them properly. Like many food-grade natural products, there are no preservatives to keep them shelf-stable for very long. One of the most recommend suggestions is to keep the product in a dry, dark, and cool place — the kitchen cabinets or pantry when at home is best. When traveling, keep in an opaque bag, and do not leave in a hot car. The side effects of placing CBD in light and high tempters could lead to the product to go rancid quicker or lose a lot of the nutrients in the ingredients. CBD should not sit in temperatures any higher than 70 degrees; the cannabinoids will reduce. Like coconut oil, liquid CBD can solidify when in cold temperatures.

Overall, any CBD product eventually will expire, but if carefully storing them and avoiding any harmful situation, they can last a while providing beneficial nutrients.

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