What Actually Is CBD Tincture?

CBD has become more popular than ever since there has been new research supporting a myriad of benefits that CBD can provide. For a long time, the most common form of CBD was an oral tincture that could be taken sublingually. Once new methods of consuming CBD like vape-able oils, edibles and capsules became more readily available, oral drops are no longer the only option for taking CBD as a supplement.

What Actually Is CBD Tincture?

Many people often hear the word tincture but they don’t often know what tinctures really are. We believe it’s important to educate our customers so that they can make an educated decision when purchasing products from our store. Let’s review the main difference between CBD Tincture and CBD vape oil.

CBD tincture or any tincture is essentially a method of extraction (it can be of a plant based or animal based material) which involves dissolving the material in ethyl alcohol and then letting the alcohol evaporate completely which happens quickly due to the unstable molecular structure of alcohols. When the alcohol evaporates, you’re left with a pure form of CBD known as “tincture”. Making tincture is not something you can do at home easily, so we don’t recommend you trying to do so. Instead, you can rely on our lab tested CBD tinctures for sale online.

Many people enjoy using tinctures because when compared to edibles, they’re calorie free. So if you’re trying to maintain a nice figure, brownies with CBD may not be the best route – instead, you could try vaping some CBD tinctures and avoid having to worry about excess calories and sugar intake.

Does Tincture CBD Make You High?

The shortest, simplest answer is no, people do not get high when they take CBD.

CBD is found in cannabis, but it isn’t the active ingredient responsible for making people intoxicated.

The chemical THC makes you feel high, and that occurs in high amounts in cannabis, but not in hemp. For that reason, we make our full spectrum hemp tinctures with hemp instead of cannabis.

Simply put, it’s safe to consume our pure tincture without fear of getting high or failing a drug test. Additionally, we have each of our products independently tested for added assurance.

CBD Tincture Effects

Some of the earliest reasons people started taking CBD is because studies suggested it may have neuroprotective and antioxidant properties.

Those reasons are still relevant today, and people have also started using cannabidiol to regulate seizures, address pain, and deal with inflammation.

It’s a popular choice among elderly people with arthritis, athletes with muscle soreness, and everyone in between. Researchers are hard at work to test even more potential uses for CBD because people online are reporting all kinds of different benefits.

Shop From a Wide Variety of The Best CBD Tincture Oils For Sale

When shopping for CBD Tinctures for vaping, you may notice that there are many different options to choose from when it comes to strength and volume. For example, we carry a variety of 30 ML CBD oil bottles for sale that varies in strength. The Strongest CBD tincture that we carry in a 30 ML bottle is our 500 MG Mango CBD oil, we also carry 2 others that came in 300 MG or 100 MG per bottle. This gives users the option to choose a concentration amount that is suitable for their body type. Some of our customers like to take stronger concentration CBD products while others prefer something that is not so strong.

If you’re looking for a variety of flavors and concentrations, you’re in the right place. We carry options for those that are new to cannabidiol tinctures and for those who consider themselves veterans of CBD. Check out our product selection which includes cartridges that are pre-filled with CBD tincture and even CBD crumbles for those that prefer wax or dabs.

For example, our most popular seller is our 300-milligram bottle (30 ML) of CBD Oil Tincture. Customers have left reviews about this product stating that it “really helps relieve my anxiety”. Another user says “this is one of the best CBD oils and it helps me with my anxiety”.

The 300 MG option is likely our most popular seller because the concentration amount is just right. While some users who try the 100 MG report that it works just fine, others feel that it requires extra dosages to get the desired effects. Many customers that start off with 100 MG eventually upgrade to the 300 MG option as they grow more of a tolerance to the CBD. 500 MG is a strong concentration and usually only for customers who have a good amount of experience taking CBD oil tinctures.

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