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Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming popular in health and wellness communities as people discuss its neuroprotective, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

There are many ways to add CBD into your daily routine, but edibles are one of the most popular by far. Some people like edibles because they don’t enjoy the taste of plain hemp tincture, while others just want to get health benefits in a fun way by eating CBD candy. The first time you try edible CBD, you may get a new favorite way to receive the gift of hemp oil

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What Are The Benefits of Eating CBD Edibles?

The biggest reason to choose edibles over other forms of cannabidiol is the taste. It’s similar to how some people prefer gummy vitamins instead of more natural tasting supplements. The sweet taste comes with all of the normal effects of CBD. People have used cannabidiol for all kinds of reasons, and you can find many stories about the benefits online.

One of the most-researched uses of CBD is to regulate seizures from syndromes like epilepsy. Even more, people eat cannabidiol edibles to address aching joints, sore muscles, arthritis, and other chronic pain. It’s important to buy safe, legal edibles to make sure you get the benefits you want (and not any unintended consequences).

Legal CBD Edibles vs. Marijuana

Cannabidiol is found in both marijuana and hemp, both of which are terms used to describe different kinds of the cannabis plant. Hemp is known for having no THC, or a THC potency of 0.3% or less. Cannabis with any THC level higher than that would be considered marijuana. It varies from state to state, but hemp is legal on a national level in the United States while marijuana is not.

Most legal CBD edibles are produced with hemp to ensure they won’t have any THC. For that reason, they’re legal to buy online. They don’t make people feel high, intoxicated, or otherwise impaired, and will not cause people to fail drug tests. It’s incredibly important to trust a reliable source when you’re searching for legal edibles.

How to Find Legal CBD Edibles That Work

Like with any other CBD product, it’s important to get your products from a trusted source. It may be especially important with cannabidiol edibles because the industry is not well regulated. Some brands sell fake CBD that will not contain accurate dosing, and may not deliver any benefits whatsoever. Some companies even make their edibles with marijuana, which means they could contain THC.

Every edible from CBD GoldLine is made with pure, natural hemp. Our products are intended to deliver relief from CBD without containing any psychoactive THC. We have each batch of CBD oil tested by independent scientists to ensure the cannabinoid levels are exactly where they should be. These edibles will not make anyone feel high or fail a drug test.

Why Buy GoldLine's CBD Gummies?

If you’re looking for edibles for sale online, CBD GoldLine has one of the broadest selections available. From CBD candy and honey to capsules, we are proud to offer a variety of products that will work for just about anyone. Every batch of our CBD oil edibles gets tested at an independent lab to ensure an excellent standard of quality. Our customers trust us for consistent doses of cannabidiol in a delicious, snackable format. Contact us if you have any additional questions about our edible CBD, or shop online today!