CBD Hemp Oil From CBD Goldline Hawaii- Growing Popularity In The USA

CBD Hemp Oil Hawaii: Hawaii is a leader in passing legislation in support of medical marijuana and is a great supporter of CBD products. “The Aloha State” has been a proponent on pro-industrial hemp bills over the last 19 years. Questions such as “Is CBD hemp oil legal in Hawaii?“ and, “Where to buy CBD in Hawaii?” will be discussed in this article. We will also discuss all the details on industrial hemp, CBD, and more.

Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal In Hawaii?

CBD is available for purchase in Hawaii with no restrictions. Whether customers are looking for CBD Hemp Oils or CBD Crumble, all types of CBD are available without a prescription. CBD is an over the counter product that meets the national standards for industrial hemp. This is important because CBD is extracted from the industrial hemp plant. The federal government defined industrial hemp as a variety of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant that contains Non-Detectable THC. THC is the psychotropic ingredient found in the cannabis species. Hawaii began researching industrial hemp in 1999, and National legislation finally passed in 2014 encouraging states to grow industrial hemp. Industrial hemp products can now be found on store shelves across the nation so long as they adhere to this limit of THC.

Is CBD Legal In Hawaii?

The answer to whether or not CBD is legal in Hawaii is yes. Hawaii was one of the first states to enact pro-hemp laws. Modern hemp legislation began in the United States during the 1990s although the country actually has a very long relationship with this plant. In fact, it was brought to the continent as far back as 1645. Hemp continued to be grown on US soil until 1958 when heavy taxation ran hemp businesses into the ground. In 1999, House Bill 32 was passed by the Hawaiian government which began a research program into industrial hemp. The year 2000 brought a revolutionary Hawaiian decision as they became one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana although it did take much longer for the medical programs to become operational.

Industrial hemp bills continued to be evaluated and approved over the years that followed. The Agricultural Act of 2014 was signed by former President Barack Obama encouraging states to cultivate industrial hemp. A few months later, Senate Bill 2175 was signed by former Governor Neil Abercrombie which reinstated Hawaii’s interest in growing the plant. Gov. Abercrombie stated that: “Hawaii’s environment and the economy will benefit from this research.”, and “Industrial hemp can be used to decontaminate soil and increase the state’s production of biodiesel, therefore reducing our dependence on imported fuel.” The current Governor, David Ige, is also supporting this scene, as he signed Senate Bill 2659 in 2016 which clarified and continued the cultivation efforts in the state.

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