CBD Hemp Oil Colorado; it has been a welcome commodity for Colorado natives! Known as being the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use, Colorado is one of the most progressive states. Curious to know where to buy CBD Hemp Oil in Colorado? We’ve got you covered.

The CBD hemp oil Colorado citizens are purchasing is readily available throughout the state. The CBD Hemp Oil for sale in Colorado can be purchased through retail stores and online manufacturers such as CBD Goldline. CBD is extracted from the industrial hemp plant, a variety of the Cannabis Sativa L  species. “The Centennial State” presented the first modern piece of industrial hemp legislation and has since encouraged the use of all varieties of the cannabis species. This article will discuss Colorado’s pioneering efforts in the hemp movement and answer a variety of questions on CBD.

Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal in Colorado?

The CBD legal status Colorado lawmakers have created is very hemp-friendly. According to Colorado legislation industrial hemp “refers to varieties of cannabis that contain Non-Detectable THC,” and is free for purchase. This is not surprising because every form of cannabis is available to adults in Colorado! Tetrahydrocannabinol is commonly known as THC. THC is a psychotropic element of the hemp plant. Each version of the plant contains a different amount of THC. Once extracted and formulated, CBD Goldline’s products contain 0% of this compound.

Colorado Hemp Legislation

Colorado has a positive outlook on hemp, but many consumers first ask, “is CBD hemp oil legal in Colorado?” Pro-hemp legislation has been passed in the state many times. Colorado proposed the first modern piece of hemp legislation in the country. In 1995 Senator Lloyd Casey proposed Senate Bill 132 which informed its readers that “the development and use of hemp is in the best interests of the state economy.” In 2010, House Joint Resolution 10-1027 was instated. This resolution facilitated Colorado’s “domestic production of industrial hemp.”

Colorado allowed the common use of cannabis in 2012. Amendment 64 refers to cannabis by its slang title, marijuana. Marijuana refers to any varieties of Cannabis Sativa L. that contains a large amount of the psychotropic chemical THC. These varieties contain percentages of THC as high as 28%. This creates a large distinction between industrial hemp and marijuana.

The federal government initiated the 2014 Farm Bill, which recognized industrial hemp as a viable crop across the nation. This came nearly two decades after Colorado had begun to push legislation to utilize this valuable plant. Industrial hemp is both an agricultural asset to the state and a valuable source of CBD. Colorado has also passed House Bill 12-1099, that allows for the use of hemp for phytoremediation.  Phytoremediation is “the efficient use of plants to remove, detoxify or immobilize environmental contaminants,” from soil. The growth of hemp on contaminated soil is a worldwide phenomenon aiding farmers everywhere.

Governor John Hickenlooper signed pieces of hemp legislation as early as 2012 and as recent as 2017. Hickenlooper stated that “hemp is a very versatile product with a lot of uses,” and said the plant “has a great future in Colorado.” As the state continues to show tremendous support for the plant, Colorado residents can safely enjoy CBD products in all of their preparations, from CBD Oil to CBD Wax/Crumble.


CBD hemp oil can be found in many stores around the state or at online retailers. The organic CBD hemp oil Colorado customers are seeking can also be found through these sources. CBD Goldline offers a selection of organic CBD products such as Fruit and Hemp. They also offer Green Roads pre-measured CBD Daily Doses for convenient use.

CBD Products Are Available Without a Prescription

The CBD compound is non-psychotropic and is extracted from industrial hemp that contains Non-Detectable THC. This means that CBD products are available over-the-counter. CBD Goldline provides many resources for consumers to research CBD. Bundles such as the Relax Box are available to customers who are looking to enjoy a variety of items.

A Look into the Endocannabinoid System

CBD is classified as a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are found both within the body and in the cannabis plant. The endocannabinoid system utilizes these compounds. CBD and THC are known as phytocannabinoids, meaning they are found in plants. AEA and 2-AG are two examples of endocannabinoids, meaning that they are produced by the body. This network of chemical signalers and neuroreceptors works seamlessly with the immune, endocrine and endorphin systems to bring about homeostasis.

Purchasing CBD Online

Many online retailers provide quality CBD with the convenience of home delivery. It is important to find independent lab test results for CBD products before making a purchase. CBD Goldline offers lab test results for everything in their catalog. All of their hemp is sourced in the United States, obtained via a CO2 extraction, and formulated by a licensed pharmacist with twenty years of experience. They have a friendly customer service team that is available to answer any CBD related questions and to provide assistance in finding the product for any Colorado resident.

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