CBD Hemp Oil Is Legal For More Than 20 Years In Los Angeles, California.

CBD Hemp Oil California: This new holistic supplement is now available to all residents of the “Golden State.” CBD products, including CBD Hemp Oils, CBD Edibles, and much more, can be purchased in stores and online at CBD Goldline In fact, all hemp products including recreational marijuana have been legalized in California. This article will focus on what makes industrial hemp, another variety of the same plant, and its CBD products, unique.

Customers may be wondering, “Is CBD legal in California?”, “What is the best CBD in California?”, or “Where can I buy CBD in California?”. All of these topics will be discussed further in this article.

Is CBD Oil Legal In California?

CBD products can be purchased anywhere in California. Whether you shop in stores or online, CBD can be purchased without a prescription. CBD is derived from industrial hemp, which is an agricultural crop being grown throughout the nation. Since 2014, industrial hemp has made its way back to American soil, thanks to the Farm Bill signed by Barack Obama. This bill allows states within the U.S.A. to cultivate industrial hemp which can be used to produce thousands of different products.

What is industrial hemp? It is a variety of the hemp plant, also known as Cannabis Sativa L. What differentiates industrial hemp from hemp is its significantly low THC content. THC is a chemical that produces psychotropic effects when consumed, and it is naturally found in all hemp varieties. Industrial hemp contains Non-Detectable THC thus making it legal to grow throughout the U.S. under the federal Farm Bill. Since all of CBD Goldline’s products are made with industrial hemp, customers can enjoy their CBD worry free!

Industrial Hemp In California

Senate Bill 676, passed by Senator Mark Leno, “allows California farmers to grow industrial hemp for the legal sale of seed, oil, and fiber to manufacturers.” The Senator sees the bill as a step forward in the hemp industry in California. It would give a chance for California farmers to produce hemp seed, oil, and fiber that are otherwise imported from other countries like Canada. Gov. Leno also said, “hemp requires little to no pesticides and herbicides, is a great rotational crop, and grows quickly with less water, making it an ideal commodity for our state.” As for marijuana, industrial hemp’s high THC cousin, Proposition 64 allowed for its residents to use and cultivate this plant in 2016 and instituted its sale at the beginning of 2018.

Industrial hemp is more than just a source for CBD. The versatile crop can be used to produce a wide variety of durable textiles, nutritious foods, and biofuel. With over 30 states taking advantage of the new industrial hemp growing opportunities, the hemp market is continuing to expand daily!

Where Can I Buy CBD Hemp Oil In California?

Now that we have looked at the CBD laws in California, we can discuss where to find the best quality CBD. CBD products can be purchased in stores or online, anywhere in the country. When looking for CBD starter kits, standard CBD hemp oils, or CBD products for your pet, it is always a good idea to research the companies before making a purchase.

CBD Goldline’s products are tested through independent labs and are pharmacist formulated. They incorporate a CO2 extraction procedure which removes all toxins and traces of THC out of their CBD extract. Customers can check out the lab test results posted on their website. You can also take a look at their customer feedback to get some honest insight into the enjoyment of their CBD products. If you are looking for the best CBD in California, look no further than CBD Goldline!

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