For those of you who enjoy the traditional intake method of Flower which is good old combustion, CBD Goldline has a Full Spectrum CBD preroll that delivers a very high CBD content in each preroll. No herbal extracts or eucalyptus, this is straight pure Oregon grown CBD flower that is 100% Legal to ship under the USA farmbill due to its lack of THC or any physcho active components. Each CBD preroll uses a high quality paper and filter and has twisted to the right tightness. Want options with your activation and intake you can choose your strain of course from a Hybrid, Indica, or Sativa to fit your taste. These are sold by the 3 pack and made to the be the premier CBD traditional combustion smoke. Each one is smooth, flavorful, has powerful activation and has rich pine notes on the aroma and exhale.

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Pre-Rolled CBD Joints

  • High Potency Pure CBD FLOWER
  • Rolled into a quality cone with Filter
  • 3 Prerolls in a Pack
  • Oregon Grown and Cultivated
  • Legal to Ship under US Farm Act
  • High CBD content
  • Smooth, rich Flavor, Instant activation

Full Spectrum CBD rich Hemp Prerolled joints with the highest quality flowers selected for prefill comes our amazing GoldLine 3 pack. Each selected preroll is made from a high quality imported cone and filter to make for easy lightups, even burns and smooth pulls.