Goldline Reserve CBD

Goldline CBD Reserve 600mg 30ml

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Goldline CBD Reserve 600mg 30ml

[This product is taken Sublingually only]

Ingredients: Grape Seed Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, 13 Terpenes, Bergamot Oil Mint

As a nutritional supplement take 1 full dropper under the tongue for 20 seconds then swallow.

Pre-Filled 1ML CBD Cartridge (4 Flavors)Pre-Filled 1ML CBD Cartridge (4 Flavors)

Pre-Filled 1ML CBD Cartridge

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CBD prefilled cartridges are one of the easiest and most effective ways to start vaping CBD.  If you have trouble loading cartridges from tinctures or just like the convenience factor of having cartridges starting to vape CBD with prefilled cartridges is the way to go. These cartridges come pre-loaded with a high-grade CBD available in four flavors that are compatible with virtually all vape batteries.

Pre-FIlled 1ml Cartridge • 100mg Pharmaceutical Grade CBD •

4 Flavors:

Natural – Mango – Tropical – Strawberry

30ML CBD Oil (4 Strengths/Flavors)30ML CBD Oil (4 Strengths/Flavors)

30ML CBD Oil

Regular Price $24.00 excl.VAT$69.00 excl.VAT
  • Flavorful blend of liquid CBD
  • Great way to start a CBD regiment
  • 30ml CBD Oil
  • Pharmaceutical Grade CBD
  • 4 Flavor options for tasty CBD delivery
  • Vape-able or ingest-able
  • 100mg • 300mg • 500mg  strengths available

4 Flavors:

Natural | Mango | Tropi-cool | Strawberry

Goldline CBD oils & Tinctures are a great way to get started into CBD with a high-quality CBD oil that you can orally ingest as well as vape out of a tank for your preferred delivery method. CBD Goldline offers with its oils and tinctures 3 different intensity levels within its 30Ml bottle.